Frequently asked questions…

Why should I consider innovation?

Innovation means making money from inventions, ideas and technology. Innovative businesses therefore are more productive and grow quicker than businesses that don’t choose to innovate. Innovative economies are typically more competitive, are dynamic and observe higher returns on investment.

To help you accelerate economic growth for your business we can help bring innovative products and services to market quicker. This can be done via spotting the right funding opportunities for new product development, helping to gain access to the right people and facilities and helping to acquire funding to de-risk your innovative R&D project.

Why should I consider obtaining funding for new product development?

Through accessing public funding you can de-risk your R&D development project by offsetting the cost associated with undertaking the work yourself. Additionally the collaborative nature of public funding programmes will enable access to people with the right skills and equipment to help you on the journey to commercialisation.

It can be a rewarding opportunity as it can give you a path into developing new supply chains for commercialisation and also can help to raise the profile of your company within a different sector and on a European scale.

Why should I work with Iconiq Innovation Ltd?

The Iconiq team has a track record that is second to none, having secured over €95 million in the last 5 years. The team has over 40 years’ experience of securing grant funding. Iconiq offer clients the best probability of securing funding from a given call and since their initiation have a first time success rate above 90%.

The team consists of a small number of the best proposal writers across Europe who have proven themselves to be top performers over a number of years. Our writers are a diverse blend of PhD trained technical experts and commercially-focused individuals. This enables our team to rapidly understand the technical and commercial aspects of a given proposal to engage with industry, academics and research and technology organisations (RTO’s) at a high level.

Iconiq Innovation has an extensive network of partners across Europe including access to technology providers through universities and RTO’s and to supply chain partners through SMEs and large multinationals. As a small team, Iconiq prides itself on its ability to work closely with its clients to build long term relationships built on trust and an in depth understanding of your requirements.

If my project idea combines multiple application sectors or technologies how can you help me prepare a proposal?

Iconiq Innovation excels at working with and bringing together networks from different sectors and technologies. Through having a high-level overview of the proposal preparation phase we are able to facilitate knowledge exchange between partners in a coherent manner to build a well-structured project. In a nutshell, we are a team of experienced proposal authors that have the skills required to converse with project partners, often outside area of expertise, to quickly establish an agreed project management plan.