Eureka Eurostars

Eureka Eurostars

Eurostars is a joint programme co-funded from the national budgets of 36 Eurostars (Eureka Member Countries) and by the European Union through Horizon Europe.

Eurostars has been carefully developed to meet the needs of small companies that require public funding for innovative ideas. With its bottom-up approach, it stimulates international collaborative research and innovation projects that will be rapidly commercialised.  Eurostars provides the ideal first step in international cooperation.

Eurostars is designed to:

  • Turn an idea into a product and commercialise it.
  • Combine and share expertise and benefit from working beyond national borders.
  • Grow faster

The focus of Eurostars is to enable research-performing SMEs to partner with other SMEs,  research institutes, universities and large enterprises. Eurostars encourages bottom-up innovation, as it open to all projects in all technical areas and market industries, as long as projects have a civilian purpose.

For more information on Eurostars including eligibility criteria and call details, visit the Eurostars webpage.