Project Dissemination and Exploitation

We help your consortia with dissemination and exploitation activities to help to market and commercialise your project

The team consists of a number of experienced innovation consultants who have experience of contributing to collaborative research projects within EC funded and National funded programmes. Our team are a diverse blend of Degree/PhD trained technical experts and commercially-focused individuals with relevant innovation consulting experience within the areas of renewable energy technologies, advanced materials and high value manufacturing.

Our team are frequently involved in the preparation of impact sections of proposals, including business plan creation, IP landscaping, market analysis and novelty assessment, within project proposals working with the proposal writing team to develop and submit strong proposals.

In addition, we offer the following dissemination and exploitation services to our clients and project consortia during project delivery so that they can concentrate wholly on the development and validation of their technology. We are able to understand the commercial relevance of the technology proposed and help to prepare exploitation and dissemination plans for the project:

  • Future funding acquisition (public funding)
  • Identification and stimulation of private finance (angels/VC)
  • Network patent analysis and IP management
  • Market analysis and data access
  • Spin-out incorporation and establishment
  • Innovation management
  • Dissemination of projects – website, marketing materials, attendance at events, strategy and implementation.

Iconiq Innovation has an extensive network of partners across Europe including access to technology providers through universities and RTO’s and to supply chain partners through SMEs and large multinationals.

As a small team, Iconiq prides itself on its ability to work closely with its clients to build long term relationships built on trust and an in depth understanding of your requirements.