How We Work

 Ideas Generation

We work with you to identify the potential project ideas for new product/process development and suitability for funding.

 Concept Development

We help you develop the initial idea into a fundable project concept.

 Market Review

We conduct a market feasibility study to establish likelihood of freedom to operate.

 Business Model Generation

We can apply powerful and practical innovation techniques to produce disruptive new business models.

Partner Recruitment

We help you partner with the right supply chain partners to enable commercialisation of the technology and help you gain access to the right research and development partners (universities and research technology organisations) to help you achieve your project goals and objectives.

 Proposal Preparation

Using our extensive experience of proposal authoring we prepare the funding proposal on your behalf .

 Contract Negotiation

If required we can support you through the negotiation process with the funding body.

Project Management

If required we can support you throughout the project with Project Management to ensure the project remains on-track, allowing you to focus on delivering what is required.

Project Dissemination and Exploitation

We can support the project consortium with dissemination to ensure that the right messages reach the right audiences. We have a collection of services at your disposal designed maximise the impact achieved through exploitation.